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You're Doing Great.

I got a confession. I am flat out tired. This year has been about pursuing, chasing, longing, working and planning to take my life to a new season, and although it has been incredible to see the changes that are already starting to come to fruition, I know there are many others that I still desire to make happen. Oh and also, change is hard. Even the good kind. To be real with you, I am writing this with some super swollen eyelids from a big ole cry session with God, because like I said... change is hard! The thing is, I still feel that God is at work in my life, as he always is, and I am on the brink of something even better than I can imagine - but in the midst of this persual and wait, there are three words that I desperately need to hear.

You are enough.

Whew. When I accept those 3 simple words and allow them to sink deep into my being, I feel rest, contentment, and joy. As women I believe that we are always trying to do it all and exhausting ourselves because our culture has shown us an unrealistic view of perfectionism through messages on social media. We see the highlight reels of other women's lives, some we barely even know, and we begin to compare and feel inadequate.

"How is she always traveling to the most exotic and beautiful places? My last day off was spent in Central park with a man puking in the trashcan near my bench."

"Her apartment looks like a straight up Pinterest board. It's literally perfect."

"How the heck did she get her golden retriever to pose so perfectly in that picture? The dog is even smiling!!"

"Dang, her brunch pictures are always on point. I wish I could have an eggs benedict with some bottomless mimosas instead of this warmed up cold pizza from uhh... last week?"

"Her online business is exactly what I desire to do. Great, it's all already been done - so why am I trying?"

Those may be thoughts running through my head when I am aimlessly scrolling and comparing on social media. Maybe you can relate? And maybe like me, this whole comparison factor leaves you feeling like you just aren't measuring up and like something is missing. You start to wondering what is the missing link to giving you the perfect life like the one's that you see on your Instagram feed?

Here is the beautiful truth. Nothing is missing. You - exactly how are you right now - are enough. Oh and by the way, I am not the only one speaking this over your life, someone with a bit more influence and power is as well. God. Yes. That is right. He says you are enough. In the midst of everything that you aiming for and working to achieve and that perfect life you are trying to live - he is also saying "who you are right now is more than enough". He is saying: Pump the breaks. Take a moment to rest. Take a breather. Look at all that you've accomplished so far. Look at all the good you are doing. Look at all the love you are putting out in the world. You are doing great. And you are enough.

Even if you are taking some inventory of the heart and you're not really liking some past words you've said or actions you've taken - guess what you have permission to do? Give yourself some grace and start again. Because the woman that you were created to be is enough and she is GOOD.

So, here is the challenge to us both that I feel God is saying: Girl, put the dang phone down. Take a look at all you've done and think about all those dreams I have put in your heart for you to still do. You're doing great. Stay focused on what matters. Believe you are right where you need to be in this season of your life. Keep trusting me. Amazing things are coming, but in the meantime always remember that who are you are right now today in this very moment is enough.

Sending you joy,



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