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Face off with fear

"You must witness your behavior if you want to truly change it. You must look at your fear head-on to recognize that believing its lies was a choice you made." - Gabrielle Bernstein, May Cause Miracles

I love making lists. I have always found it is the easiest way to get all the chaos in my mind out in the most simple form. My typical lists are to-do lists for the day, maybe some goals I have for the upcoming week or month, or some errands I need to run - but a few weeks ago I tried out a practice of listing out my fears. Yep.

May sound strange, but the reason for writing out these fears of mine is so that I can get clear and honest with myself about what might be holding me back in moving forward in several areas of my life. Until I become self-aware of my fear, looked at it straight on (or down on my paper) I knew it would continue to take residence within areas of my life -without me even being consciously aware of it!

After listing these fears out, I took the time to reflect on why they are present in my life and why I have chosen to let them behind the steering wheel. Some fear is rooted from past experiences in life, some in the unknown of the future, and others are just flat out lies that I have chosen to believe about myself due to false messages that I've held on to be truth. Whatever the reason for the fear, the step of just calling it out for what it is (lies) was my first step in growing out of it.

Now it was easy to be hard on myself once I was looking at all my fears staring back at me on paper. I was kicking myself for allowing these guys to call the shots in several of areas of my life - but this simple step of becoming aware that they are even around in the first place has given me the control behind the steering wheel once again. Because the truth is, fear is a choice. And each day, each moment really, I get to choose to believe in fear OR believe the real truth about myself.

Now that I have recognized my fear, I can take either step:

 A.) Take action. Say peace out to fear, actually start living a life where I am choosing to believe the TRUTH about myself, and be the actual rockstar that I am.


B.) Do nothing. Continue to believe in those fears, allow it to control my life, and never truly live to my most joyful, glorious potential.

Recently, I've been consciously choosing A and I'll tell you that is life so much more fun than when I was choosing B. And we only get one life right? Why not choose to make it fun?

So, let me leave you with a little to-do list if you're looking to say adios to fear and make your life more fun:

  • Get clear on your fear. Write it out and look at that motha straight in the face. 
  • Get honest with yourself about where it came from and why you have allowed it to rule certain areas of your life. 
  • Take time to pray or meditate on releasing it. 
  • Make the decision and commitment to yourself that you're going to choose to believe the truth about yourself -you're a rockstar too.
  • Feel the weight of that fear fall right off.
  • Get ready for some serious freedom and joy coming your way at full speed ahead. 

This may not be a one time exercise and that is fine. You might be working a new joy muscle and it takes some time to strengthen that. But let me encourage you to keep working at releasing fear because it takes just as much energy to believe in it. You got this. You're one step closer. Keep choosing joy!



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