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Joy Tribe

One of my favorite Joy Tribes! “Surround yourself with people who act on their big ideas, who take action on making positive changes in the world and who see nothing as out of their reach.” - Jen Sincero Ok, I don’t know about you but I am feeling encouraged after this past weekend. Watching women and men around the world come together to march for love, equality, and peace gave me goosebumps and all the feels. I understand that there may be some conflicts of interest for why some chose to march - but how awesome is it that for those of us who live in the United States of America, we have the opportunity to peacefully express our big ideas, our mission for love, and our message of equality for all? In New York City, I witnessed a peaceful march of women and men from all types of backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, and ages as they came together as one big tribe for good. It got me thinking about my own community, or tribe, that I surround myself with and whether or not o

Taking the Jump

Mom taking the jump in the 1980's The other day my dad sent me this picture of my mom that he took of her in college. They had taken a boat out with friends on a lake in Tennessee that had silos coming out of the water. Seeking some thrill and adventure, one by one they climbed to the top of the silo and decided to jump off into the surrounding water. The last one to go was my mother, who had been overcome with fear. She sat at the top of the silo for over thirty minutes with no way down other than to jump. My dad and her friends were at the bottom talking her through it and encouraging her to take the jump. She said that she froze from fear and the longer she sat in the fear, the more difficult it became to make the jump.  To be honest, I have been sitting in the fear for quite some time now waiting to start this joy journey. People closest to me have listened to my dreams and ideas in self-improvement, helping others and living intentionally - and I have to give them a b

Intentional Joy

Hey friend! Welcome to 2017! New year, new you - right? The hope for many of us is to step into a brand new year and improve our life. Whether through losing weight, increasing our income, turning a passion into a full-time job, traveling the world, beginning a new hobby... whatever it may be, most of us want to take some action in the new year that is going to improve our life and take us to the next level. For me - 2017 is about finding and celebrating JOY in my every day life. The best lesson that I learned in the year of 2016 is that you must be INTENTIONAL about the life that you want to experience here on this Earth. For the most part, many of my circumstances in 2016 were less than ideal. Without dwelling too much on the specifics - let's just say 2016 seemed to a year of full of sorrow, disappointment, frustration, and being completely lost in my life and purpose. I promise I am not looking for sympathy here - I just simply want to share a glimpse of the journey tha