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Going For Awesome

“Awesome doesn’t let the crowd determine the size of the performance. Awesome gets up for two people or 200. Awesome writes great books even if no one is going to read them. Awesome sweeps the parts of the store floors that no foot will ever touch.” - Jon Acuff , Start I just finished reading Jon Acuff ' s book Start and although I highlighted about a thousand lines, this was one part of the book that really hit me. Acuff proposes ideas on how we can start to live an awesome life, however, not by the standards that we may think define awesome. It's easy to define work, self-worth, and success by the number of people who read our blogs, watch our videos, or like our pictures on Instagram. We tend to think that our work isn't impactful or worth anything if only our friends and close family are reading it, watching it, or liking it. So we let this doubt and fear sink into our minds and hearts and therefore we stop creating. We stop our journey to an aweso
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Asking For Permission

"You do not need anyone's permission to live a creative life" -Elizabeth Gilbert Hey, what's up, hello. I'm back and going to attempt all of this again. I thought I would begin writing and sharing ways to get intentional about joy in 2017 but there were a lot of other things and massive changes in my life that began to take priority over my creative outlet of writing. As I was closing in on 2017 I realized how slack I had been and I honestly was scared of getting back into writing. I thought that I needed to wait until an opportune time to begin again or wait for someone's permission. That's when I re-read one of my favorite authors - Elizabeth Gilbert's book "Big Magic" and saw that I had highlighted in bright orange the quote above. I laughed out loud at myself. Why on earth do we think we need someone's permission to live a creative life? I mean who was supposed to grant me permission? My parents? Friends? Other bloggers? I

You're Doing Great.

I got a confession. I am flat out tired. This year has been about pursuing, chasing, longing, working and planning to take my life to a new season, and although it has been incredible to see the changes that are already starting to come to fruition, I know there are many others that I still desire to make happen. Oh and also, change is hard. Even the good kind. To be real with you, I am writing this with some super swollen eyelids from a big ole cry session with God, because like I said... change is hard! The thing is, I still feel that God is at work in my life, as he always is, and I am on the brink of something even better than I can imagine - but in the midst of this persual and wait, there are three words that I desperately need to hear. You are enough. Whew. When I accept those 3 simple words and allow them to sink deep into my being, I feel rest, contentment, and joy. As women I believe that we are always trying to do it all and exhausting ourselves because our culture ha

Present In The Now

CC: CestChristine Today I am aching for some sunshine and salt water. Right now though, it is 24 degrees and post-blizzard in New York City.  Lately, I've been finding myself not being able to be present for the current season of life I am living. My present circumstances look a little like this: I am balancing several streams of income, going after at least three different creative projects, and also itching for something brand new and totally different. I am in a constant state of planning, creating, and dreaming about the next season. Although it can be a positive thing to dream, create, and plan for the future, the downfall is that you miss out on the life that is happening right now! That is where I have had to learn about being present and grateful in the now. If I am going to talk to you about joyful living and optimal living - well the most important thing I think we can all learn is how to live in the present, even if your current present circumstances are not your

What's Your Story?

"Great stories go to those who don't give in to fear." -Donald Miller I have always enjoyed seeking out and telling great stories. Maybe that is why we love going to the movies? We escape our boring, mundane lives for 90 minutes and get to feel like we are a part of an epic life story. We feel energized and alive while watching it, because our souls are beginning to experience what living should feel like. We watch characters in the story want something in their life, be put in a situation where they have to go for it, take the jump to be uncomfortable, face conflict, overcome it, and step into a greater version of themselves. I don't know about you, but I love these epic stories and I want one for my own life. But when it comes to the action we have to take in order to live an epic story in our own life - we freak out. Why? Because living a greater story is going to cost us. We are going to have to get uncomfortable. A part of us is going to have

Face off with fear

"You must witness your behavior if you want to truly change it. You must look at your fear head-on to recognize that believing its lies was a choice you made." - Gabrielle Bernstein, May Cause Miracles I love making lists. I have always found it is the easiest way to get all the chaos in my mind out in the most simple form. My typical lists are to-do lists for the day, maybe some goals I have for the upcoming week or month, or some errands I need to run - but a few weeks ago I tried out a practice of listing out my fears. Yep. May sound strange, but the reason for writing out these fears of mine is so that I can get clear and honest with myself about what might be holding me back in moving forward in several areas of my life. Until I become self-aware of my fear, looked at it straight on (or down on my paper) I knew it would continue to take residence within areas of my life -without me even being consciously aware of it! After listing these fears out, I took t

Backwards Encouragement

Yes, yes we know.  Raise your hand if you've heard this quote before?! Same. It's a solid piece of wisdom but I've become a bit numb to its application in my life. With the phenomenon of the selfie and getting as many likes on our social media pages, we are constantly looking for the approval of others and hoping that they think our lives are pretty awesome. We see what other people are doing with their (or what they are not doing off the screen) and we try to create our lives to look just as cool, if not better, than theirs. Or maybe not. Maybe this is just something I have fallen guilty of doing? Well, whether you are with me in this or not - I have some backwards encouragement for you. In Elizabeth Gilbert's book, "Big Magic" she tells a story of a time she was offered a superb piece of life wisdom from a clever, independent, creative, and powerful woman in her mid-seventies: "We all spend our twenties and thirties trying so hard to be perfec